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VIRGO Dynamo

VIRGO Dynamo


Virgo is equipped with a powerful light source so you get seen on the road whenever you need just by one click. And protective cage that reduces the possibility of breaking your light from ambushes lurking in the city.


  • Powered by Dynamo – no more new batteries or charging

  • Wide angle of light radiation ensures visibility from the sides

  • Inbuilt retroreflector ensures that your bicycle is visible in dark even when lights source is turned off

  • Spacious steel cage makes the body of the light protected from scratches or breaking off

  • Small consumption makes battery life long lasting, which minimalizes a need for replacing them often

  • Complies with German Road Traffic Regulations – StVZO



Lighting output: 6.5lm

Source of light: 1x LED
Functions: 100%

IPX 4 (Water resistant)



User manual



Fenders with two-hole mount – 20mm

Dynamo with power output 6V / 3W

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