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SPROUT 022 lime


SPROUT is full-face helmet for kids. Designed for wild kids who loves exploring the world on two wheels. Great overall head protection which this helmet provides, should keep even the most cautious parents calm. Chin part also can be removed so you can get standard type helmet in no time. There are 13 vents designed to keep the head cool. Fitting the helmet on the head is secured by adjusting system with big wheel which can be easily operated by parents. Comfortable antibacterial padding. Reflective stickers for increased safety.

  • Utility: anti-slip eyeglass grippers. Full-face helmet with removable chin part

  • 13 vents for cooling

  • Increased visibility by reflective stickers


In-mold technology

13 vents

Antibacterial inner padding



Colour: blue-red, black-green

Size: XS (47-52 cm), S (52-56 cm)



1.         Durable in-mold technology

2.         Removable chin part

3.         Reflective stickers for increased security

4.         Big adjusting wheel easy to operate for parents


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