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CRX/URB 30, silver

The CRX/URB is basic seatpost that will find versatile use in categories of Cross, Trekking/Touring, and Urban.


•      Alloy 6061 commonly used in yacht constructions, automotive chassis, or scuba tanks. This aluminum alloy is made to last long under really big pressures

•      Forged – Solid block of heated aluminium is forged and compressed into desired mould. This results in stiffer material which can withstand higher pressures

•      Use of one adjusting screw makes the set-up more easier and faster

•      Easy to set-up using the scale



Length: 400mm
Offset: 23.5mm



Diameter: 27,2/30,9/31,6mm

Colour: Silver, Sand Blasted Black




All common seat tubes with diameter of 27,2, 30,9 or 31,6mm

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