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KLS STRIKE is a battery powered set which has everything you need from a bicycle light. Front light with extra-wide lens brightens up well everything in front of you, while rear light alerts all other drivers about your presence – so you can be safe.


•      Extra-wide lens brightens up the areas on the sides and directly in front of the bike. This helps a lot when maneuvering through complicated terrain – because it shines “into the turn”. It also brightens up obstacles which are just in front of the bike and which needs to be driven around very carefully. Hi-beam in the center area effectively brightens object in far distance. The light beam is “cut from the top” – so it won’t blind oncoming traffic

•      Front light is easy to mount using the flexible silicone ergo-strap, which is 360° adjustable, so it can be easily mounted to almost anything. This strap also has a wider platform which improves the contact with handlebars and keeps the light in stable position during rough shocks or long-time vibrations

•      Front light is protected against unintended turning ON/OFF in your backpack – press the button 2x to turn it ON, press-and-hold for turning OFF

•      Rear light is equipped with optical lens which distributes the light evenly to all directions – so the cyclist is well visible from all sides

•      The bracket of rear light is adjustable up to 15° so it can compensate the angle of seatpost




Lighting output: 50 lm

Source of light: 1x LED

Functions: 100%, 25%, Flashing

Battery lifetime: 48hrs (100%), 195hrs (25%) 300hrs (Flashing)

Battery type: 2x AA (included)

IPX 4 (Water resistant)



Lighting output: 13 lm

Source of light: 3x LED

Functions: 100%, 50%, Flashing

Battery lifetime: 140hrs (100%), 168hrs (50%) 280hrs (Flashing)

Battery type: 2x AAA (included)

IPX 4 (Water resistant)



All common shapes and sizes of handlebars and seatposts

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