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Kellys / 5.12.2023

Choosing the Right KLS Lights:

Riding a bike, whether for leisure or adventure, often extends beyond daylight hours, which requires having the right lighting for good visibility and safety. Selecting the right bike lights can significantly enhance your riding experience. Understanding these categories can help you in making a better choice suitable to your riding preferences:

  1. Glow: Be Seen

Best for Everyday Rides: If your primary concern is being visible to others while riding within urban or other public areas with public lighting, GLOW category lights are the ideal choice. Lightweight, easy to install, and affordable, these lights prioritize making you visible to motorists and pedestrians. 


Main benefits of KLS RIPPY II:

- 3 lighting modes (constant light/flashing/pulsing)

- Battery life in pulse mode up to 390 hours!

- The lighting also distributes light to the sides so that cyclist is clearly visible from the side thanks to the SideSafety system

- Maximum power 13lm (2 AAA batteries are included in the package)

- The rubber mount enables also vertical position of the light

- Simple assembly without the use of tools



Main benefits of KLS TWINRAY

- Front and rear lighting set

- Maximum output of 100 lumens

- 5 lighting modes

- Battery life: High power (100 lm) 3 h, Medium power (50 lm) 6 h, Slow flashing (100 lm) 6 h, Flashing (100 lm) 6.5 h, Eco flashing (30 lm) 23 h

- The practical clip allows the light to be easily fixed, e.g. on a backpack or clothes.

- Automatic brake light mode: when activated, the light lights up brighter when braking.


  1. Vision: To See and Be Seen

Tailored for Darker Terrain: Tailored for Darker Terrain: Enthusiasts heading out after dark on a gravel, road or mountain bike ride require 'Vision' lights. Specifically designed to offer safety and clear vision during darker hours these lights ensure visibility to others while providing sufficient illumination for navigating varied terrains.


Main benefits of LUMIO 400:

- Maximum power up to 400lm
- 5 Modes (High, Medium Low / Fast Flashing, Slow Flashing)
- Battery life in low mode up to 5.5 hours
- Rubber holder (can be easily attached to helmet etc.)
- Charging time 2 hours (USB type C)


Main benefits of LUMIO R:

- Rear lighting with a maximum output of 85lm
- 8 light modes: High 1h/Medium 2.5h/Pulsing 3h/Flashing 6.5h/Continuous Flashing 7.5/Side flashing 1h/Disco flashing 1.5h/Eco flashing 8h
- Adjustable rubber holder for mounting on the seat post


The main benefits of SEEKER:

- Lightweight front light with a maximum output of 80lm
- 4 light modes 100%, 50%, 25% flashing
- Handlebar holder and helmet holder

  1. Power: To perform

For fast riding in the dark: Enduro/trail riders looking for high-performance lighting should opt for “Power” lights. These robust, high-performance lights, represented by the LUNA 1000 model, are ideal for dynamic riding in the dark in rapidly changing conditions. Thanks to advanced technology, they are adapted for difficult terrains and riding conditions and provide excellent lighting and performance.

LUNA 1000

Main benefits of KLS LUNA 1000:
- Powerful front light with a maximum output of up to 1000lm
- Two LEDs: The upper shines into the distance, lower spreads light to sides
- Battery life at maximum power up to 4 hours
- Can be used as a power bank
- Aluminium alloy holder (handlebars adapter for different sizes)

Remember, choosing the right bike lights ensures not only your safety but also enhances your riding experience, allowing you to confidently navigate various terrains and conditions.