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Stem ALM/EN 70 is made for All-Mountain/Enduro Riding. Hardened alloy and CNC treatment will satisfy more advanced and more demanding riders.


•      Precise CNC munching makes sure that everything aligns perfectly. CNC also helps to remove the material from places where it is not needed. This way the whole stem can be even more stiff, with even less weight

•      Alloy 6061 commonly used in yacht constructions, automotive chassis, or scuba tanks. This aluminum alloy is made to last long under really big pressures

•      T6 – treatment of material in cyclic changes of specific conditions to achieve significant increase of structure. Also called “Aging Process”

•      Comes in both 31,8 and 35mm diameters



Angle: 0°

Extension: 35mm



Handlebar diameter: 31,8mm, 35mm

Colour: Sand Blasted Black




All common forks with steerer tube diameter 28,6mm

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