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IO USB Rear, purple

Ideal partner for all your bike trips
USB rechargeable – no more buying of new batteries
SPITFIRE will warn you with „warning flash“ when the battery is low
SPITFIRE remembers last function used and will use that one after turning back on

Lighting output: 170 lm
Source of light: 1x Cree LED
Functions: 100%, 60%, 30%, Flashing
Battery lifetime: 2.2hrs (100%), 4.5hrs (60%), 6.5hrs (50%), 13.5hrs (Flashing)
Battery indicator: Blue (100-25%), red (24-5%), flashing red (<5%)
(Note: battery indicator compares consumption with a battery capacity. Therefore it can indicate for example 24-0% in brighter mode and 100-75% in dimmer mode)
Charging time: 5,5 hrs
Battery type: Li-POL 8.4V/1000 mAh
Dimensions: 72*40*29mm (L*W*H)

500 charging cycles without any noticeable performance loss
Equipped with silicone bracket – can be easily mounted to almost anything
Suitable for all types and sizes of handlebars
Water resistant

Color: Black

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