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Stiff and extra flexible aluminium alloy 7075 is here to help you push your limits to the maximum. Stiffer material means less of it needs to be used, and so the handlebars can be even lighter. ULTMATE XC 70 are one of the best of what you can use for your XC adventures.


•      Alloy 7075 is much more stiffer and much more flexible than 6061. It is commonly used in aviation for a wing construction. Handlebars made out of this material are made for the most demanding conditions

•      The balance of strength and lightweight comes from Double Butting – combination of 2 different thicknesses of the material. Where the material has to withstand the highest loads – it is thickened to provide extra strength. In areas where the material is not handling that much pressure, it is thinned to reduce the unnecessary weight

•      Width of 720mm follows the latest trends in geometry ergonomics – where the shorter stem and longer handlebars are preferred in order to reach improved handling performance

•      Easy to set-up using the scale



Back sweep: +4° / Vrchný náklon: +5°

Width: 720mm

Diameter: 31,8mm



Rise: 15mm

Colour: Sand Blasted Black




All common stems with diameter of 31,8mm

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