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Optical Lens System - lens made to enhance the luminous power to maximum
SideSafety System - light casing spreads the light to the sides for rider´s better protection
Battery indicator - if the battery reaches critical point, red light appears on the on/off button
Can be recharged easily via Mini-USB (wire included in packaging)
Can be adjusted vertically through 90°
Suitable for dark out-of-town areas as well as urban areas

Simple tool-free installation
Suitable for all seat post sizes and shapes
Easy to mount on rear triangle
Water resistant

Light Source: 2x LED SuperBright
Functions: 100%, 50%, Flashing
Battery: Li-ion 300mAh 3,7V
Battery lifetime: 4hrs (100%), 8hrs (50%), 8hrs (Flashing)
Charging time: 2,5 hrs

Color: Black

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